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ESTA Members: Medical Distributors in Europe

A network of experienced healthcare companies is ready to cooperate with you. Here you will find a brief introduction of all ESTA members. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

ESTA members in alphabetical order

Logo Cormedia

Founded in 1985, Cormedica is specialized in the distribution of equipment for the operating room. Our first activity being specialized products for Neurosurgery, we sell innovative and quality products. Since 1998, we have expanded our range with products dedicated to all specialties of the operating room. We offer a complete range of gel pads for patient positioning and pressure sores prevention, surgical instruments, or various devices to meet the most demanding requirements of all surgical specialties.

Logo Fannin

Caring for life, at Fannin we provide the medical devices, medicines and diagnostic products that help healthcare professionals and patients across the Island of Ireland and the UK manage illness and restore health. But what we deliver is more than simply the mechanics of treatment. We seek to be the best service provider of medical Devices, medicines and services to the healthcare sector. With the heritage of care giving dating back to 1829 we have the track record to support our claims. We deliver confidence in our ability and with the backing of DCC, one of Ireland’s largest PLCs, we have the financial strength to sustain and develop our business which is underpinned by our dedicated workforce.

Contact person: Enda Scott, Managing Director

Logo Kimal

Kimal develops, manufactures, markets and distributes innovative medical device technology across the UK and international healthcare market. Our extensive range comprises products for diagnostic and interventional cardiology, radiology, renal disease and oncology. We are a premier provider of customised procedural solutions, being market leaders in over 12 countries. Our strategic vision allows us to develop our core existing business while opening up new opportunities across the world, whether via distributor or principal relationships, direct sales or by joint venture with other like-minded organizations. The company was formed in 1964 as a wholly British owned organisation, a statement which remains true today in the 21st Century

Contact person: Mark Pettitt, Marketing and Sales Director

Logo Sol M

Sol-Millennium Europe is part of Sol-Millennium Group, a vertically integrated global medical supply company group with locations across the globe. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of needles and syringes and also distribute a comprehensive line of medical devices and supplies. Our innovative technology reduces needlestick injuries, saves medication expenses and enhances both clinician and patient experience. We operate in the clinical areas of medication delivery, diabetes care, and blood collection, and we are aiming to further extend our product offering. Our sales team is dedicated to delivering knowledge and outstanding customer service. Our goal is to work together as partners in the healthcare industry, focusing on a healthier tomorrow.

Contact person: Piotr Dobies, Managing Director

Logo TapMed

TapMed has been active on the German market since 1990. We are offering products for prevention of decubitus, patient hygiene, and for plastic and aesthetic surgery contribute to improve quality and cost efficiency in the provision of patient care. We are dedicated to identifying the best products from around the world for introduction to the German market.

Contact person: Monika Rinne, CEO