Arab Health Dubai 2018

This exhibition was held from January 29th till February 1st, 2018

ESTA Exhibitors :

DiaClon - SIAD - Sol-Millennium - Kimal - Stöpler

During our gathering on January 31st   

the following ESTA members attend :

Biomedica : Luca Marenzi, Gerhard Steiner and Veronika Kovalova

DiaClon :  Denis Talanov and Anna Golubeva

Kimal:Mark Pettitt,Claire Nicholson,Damian Donnely

Siad : Oscar Rizzi, Vito Bavaro, Mario Conconi, Giulia Baruffini.

Sol-Millennium : Piotr Dobies, Gulio Falcono and Mahmoud al Kiswani

Tapmed : Monika Rinne and Peter Walter ( separate meeting )

DCC Vital : Anthony Roots

Stöpler Benelux : Robert-Jan Geurts

ESTA Office: Rob Lelieveld


Overall it was a very interesting exhibition as most of our members have experienced with some interesting products.

For instance Claire Nicholson brought a particular Swiss product under our attention and it would be very helpful as she could distribute this information to our members.

This could be one of the opportunities during this exhibition, but as we discussed there are more new products which could be interesting, so we ask those who have visited this event to inform the ESTA office, and Rob will distribute that information. Moreover we could ask the manufacturer to present this product during one of our meetings.

Sharing information is one of our goals.

During this exhibition Ken Findly has taken pictures of member’s booths and our gathering and you will find these on our website.

Ken will also search for hotel accommodation, when we book all together at one hotel to save costs. Quotation will follow.

Please contact me when you have any questions/remarks.



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