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ESTA will cover Europe and provide a platform that enables our Members’ Companies to develop their Businesses.

Our efforts have anchored our presence in various parts in Europe and have opened a window for new opportunities.

Looking for distribution in Europe?

You should contact us when you are looking for a launch of new products. A network of experienced companies are ready to cooperate with you. Sharing knowledge should be the key factor to implement your plans. 

Benefits of membership

ESTA was founded in The Netherlands in 1959 and has since then proven to be an organization giving support, stimulus and significant benefits to its members, both on a personal- and corporate level. We have a strong code of ethics and these corporate values are our principles, the basis of everything we do.


ESTA is a platform which, through members’ interaction, is contributing to achieve individual businesses’ objectives.

Our Management

ESTA History

Originally founded in Utrecht in 1959 in response to the market needs. ESTA has repeatedly ventured to take major challenges in a growing, highly contested market. Our passion for our field, coupled with our ambition and devotion, has kept us going strong through all these years.

ESTA today has established itself as one of Europe’s prominent organizations in the medical industry and our heritage, experience and professionalism have made our name and trademark for unsurpassed service in meeting the sector’s product needs.

Our Members