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ESTA Healthcare Club: Medical Distributors Network

We are an exclusive club of medical device distributors and manufacturers in Europe who support each other’s business development and provide mutual market access throughout Europe. ESTA stands for „European Sales Trade Association“ and was founded in The Netherlands in 1959.

Our members share a common goal: to help healthcare institutions improve patient protection and save lives by giving them access to innovative products and manufacturers from all over the world. To do this, we pool our knowledge and share our experiences.

We are not competitors, but a club of friends who meet regularly at special places and empower each other. In this way, we increase the success of our businesses and have a lot of fun together at the same time.

We are happy to welcome new members!

Listen to the welcome words of ESTA President Monika Rinne.

How medical distributors can benefit from membership of ESTA

The members of the ESTA Healthcare Club share a common spirit and many years of success in the medical device market. The membership in our exclusive club offers many benefits:

  • We offer a trusting environment for the open exchange about innovative medical products and modern technologies.
  • We support each other in business development by learning from each other, discussing problems and solutions and giving each other recommendations.
  • We grant access to members‘ portfolios and provide each other with market access throughout Europe.
  • We enable people to meet at the same level (CEO, owner, manager).
  • We regularly organise exciting meetings with interesting programmes at special locations.
  • We offer the opportunity to learn about new products, discuss market developments and exchange views with experts on medical/surgical, legal and regulatory issues.
  • We offer spouse programme at our annual meeting. So, you can spend quality time with your partner in exclusive hotels and restaurants.

Members of the ESTA Healthcare Club support the association with a membership fee and commit to attend the annual meetings. We offer each other free advice and consultations whenever needed.

The board members of ESTA Healthcare Club

Monika Rinne

Monika Rinne

“ESTA means to me the great opportunity to broaden my horizons and exchange ideas with successful business people and experts from the world of medical devices.”
Piotr Dobies

Piotr Dobies

“ESTA provides me with a valuable platform to strengthen and develop close and trusting business relationships through excellent informal events.”
Mark Pettitt

Mark Pettitt

“ESTA means to me the wonderful occasion to spend quality time with likeminded people and companies and to support each other to develop ourselves and our businesses.”
Vito Bavaro, managing director of ESTA

Vito Bavaro

“ESTA is for me a "free port" where owners and managers can get advice, suggestions and knowledge from other members who share a friendly, entrepreneurial and relaxed attitude.”

Monika started her career in the pharmaceutical industry (Ciba). For more than 20 years she worked in the medical technology industry. Her responsibilities were in sales and marketing. In 2015, Monika took over all shares and became owner manager of TapMed GmbH. Many international manufacturers entrust TapMed as their exclusive distributor in Germany.

Piotr brings valuable experience in the diagnostics and blood microsampling devices market, where he worked for more than 20 years. He started his career with responsibility for the diabetes portfolio (HTL-STREFA) in EMEA and APAC. For the last 12 years he has been managing medication injection and blood collection equipment business for Sol-Millennium, where he is currently President for the EMEA region.

Mark has a wealth of senior management experience gained over 40 years within the healthcare industry. He spent 50 percent of his time leading Baxter Healthcare in the UK before moving to Cardinal Health as Vice President in Europe. In the past 14 years he has transformed Kimal PlC and now sits as a non executive director on the Kimal Holdings board.

After 6 years in an hospital, working in the clinical chemistry and microbiology laboratories, Vito entered the medical industry. In over 35 years of works in this field, he went through different roles, from salesman to sales and marketing director, in different companies, covering the diagnostics market (Bracco), the pharmaceutical market (Pfizer) and the medical devices market (like SIAD Healthcare), both domestic and international.