Mediservis s.r.o.

Praha, Czech Republic

Mediservis s.r.o. was established in December 2004 as a distributing company of medical products in Czech Republic.

Today, Mediservis supplies variety of state and private hospitals in Czech Republic, Slovakia and South Korea. We offer a wide range of medical products such as: orthopaedics, invasive cardiology, radiology, endoscopy, general surgery, gynaecology, dental cosmetics and surgery, and veterinary. Our vision relies on distribution of high-quality products therefore, we closely cooperate with major WW producers. Mediservis became a member of AKESO Holding in 2018, which operate 3 modern private hospitals in the Czech Republic. Being member of AKESO enables Mediservis to launch and test new products on the local market.

Managing Director: Ing. Jan Mára
Phone: + 420 602360178
Business development Manager: Tessa Beumer
+ 316 23018057


Address Klapkova 83
Postal Code 182 00 Praha 8
City Prague
Country Czech Republic
Telephone +420251561125
Mobile +420602360178
Telefax +420251561126